Main Inn Rooms

Four classic Bed & Breakfast rooms and a two-bedroom suite are housed on the second floor of the Main Inn. Just downstairs is the Breakfast Room and the Gathering Room where guests can relax on soft seating, read a book and enjoy the fire. Folks seeking the “bed & breakfast” experience often choose rooms in the Main Inn.  To accommodate guests with allergies–The Main Inn is Pet Free.

Violet’s Victory (Special Value Room):

Violet'sVictoryWebIn-season: $159    Off-season: $139

A lovely room with a wrought iron queen bed tastefully decorated with antiques and various hues of blue. A private bathroom is directly across the hall from the bedroom ~ plush robes are provided for your convenience. [Book Online…]

Periwinkle Pastime

PeriwinklePasttimeWebIn-season: $199    Off-season: $179

A large sunny room with two wrought iron queen beds, wood floors, flat screen t.v. is furthest from the road for sensitive sleepers. This charming room overlooks the pool and garden. [Book Online…]

Lily White

LilyWhiteWebIn-season: $179      Off-season: $159

Do you like water? Then this is the room for you! This lovely room with a wrought iron queen bed overlooks the pool area. Open a window to hear the rushing waters of the stream and nearby waterfall. [Book Online…]

Laurel Crest

LaurelCrestWebIn-season: $179  Midweek     Off-season: $159

This romantic room has hardwood floors and a wrought iron queen bed topped with a lush mattress for added comfort. The Waverly floral curtains nicely frame the double windows letting in the perfect amount of light. [Book Online…]

Suite Marigold

Suite Marigold 1 In-season: $259      Off-season: $239

This two bedroom suite is perfect for couples traveling together or parents traveling with children. Each bedroom has a California King bed and flat screen television. One large bathroom, overlooking the swimming pool, is shared by the two rooms. This Suite has become a favorite with parents. Bring along your monitor, put the kids to bed, and go down stairs to enjoy a bottle of wine by the fire in the Gathering Room. While most guests do not notice, this room is close to the two lane country road and might not be the best choice for light sleepers. [Book Online…]