Best Price Guaranteed

Did you know that you can save money by BOOKING DIRECTLY at our website?  Many hotels and inns have crunched the numbers and realized that it is more cost effective to offer discounted rates to guests reserving directly through their website rather than reserving through an OTA (online travel agent such as, etc.) which typically charges a hefty 15%!  In most cases, our rates are $10/per night less when you reserve online through our website.  For certain…our rates will NEVER be more than what you find at other booking websites. Also,  Specials & Discounts such as “Name Your Price” and “Midweek Specials” can ONLY be found on our website. OTAs want you to believe they get the best deals for you, when in fact it is often the opposite.

There are other benefits to reserving directly through our website.  You can see the specific rooms available during your stay and select the one most suited for you.  You can choose between our Lodge Building or the Main Inn building.  This is important when staying at a country inn where each room has a different feel.  So if you know you want a room with a view of the pool, you will know exactly which room to select.  If you require a room at ground level, it is clear on our website which rooms do not have stairs.   When reserving through booking websites, you select “Standard Queen Room” and we have the flexibility to put you in any standard queen room.  We would much rather know your preference so we can make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Lastly, if you enjoy staying at unique, family run lodging properties such as ours please help us compete with the larger hotels by reserving directly with us.  By making this small effort, you will know that you are receiving the best rate possible and know that you are supporting a small business by saving us the significant booking fee.  Thank you and, as always, we appreciate your business!